Recently I read an article called "11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Leave the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America."

At the risk of disseminating it further, you can find it at this link: http://www.exposingtheelca.com/exposed-blog/11-reasons-everyone-should-leave-the-evangelical-lutheran-church-in-america. It's part of a large series of similar fare about why the ELCA is supposedly evil and no longer teaches Biblical or confessional Lutheranism. As an ELCA pastor, I of course think this is a bunch of nonsense.

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There was a lot of hype in certain Christian circles some years back about Halloween and its appropriateness for Christian living. The thought in those circles was that Halloween was a bad holiday, a celebration of the devil and the forces of evil. There was, for a number of years, a proliferation of churches holding "Anti-Halloween" parties for children, gatherings for families where the Halloween festivities were ignored in favor of good, wholesome fun.

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The title of this post, "Murder most foul," is a dumb expression. It implies that there's such a thing as "murder not-very foul" and "murder quite pleasant actually." Where did it come from, I wonder? But I digress.

I've killed three small children in this past week.

It's a criminal act, I confess, but let me at least expostulate on the circumstances before you call in the authorities. (Not that I'm so hot on the authorities at the moment, based on a book I'm in the middle of reading, but that's for another post, at another time.)

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The title is poetic, culled from a friend who occasionally says such things. It's got me musing a bit today, particularly in light of the way this week has gone for me.

These things are easier to type than they are to say. Why is that? Why do people in our culture, especially this little Lutheran corner of our culture, have such a need to keep things private? To keep what's going on in their lives to themselves? To refuse to share them with anyone?

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One of my indulgences is the reading of comics. There are a number of Internet-published stories I read almost every day, and I love a good graphic novel. Many people look at this medium as directed primarily at children--which is why I call it an indulgence--but some volumes can carry pretty meaningful messages. (I've even seen textbooks for physics and for economics written in a graphic style!)

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