I'm getting a tattoo.

That's probably a weird way to start a blog. This is my first entry, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Pastor Aaron. Good. Done. Now. I'm getting a tattoo.

I've wanted a tattoo for a long time, but haven't known what to get. I suppose that's a weird thing to say also. So, let me put it this way: When I was growing up, I was the good kid, generally obeying rules and being courteous and never really coloring outside the lines. Like most young people, I had a bit of a rebellious streak, but I kept it well under wraps. But it informs parts of my personality, like the passion I feel around combating racism, for example. And every once in a while, it claims its own voice, which is why I have a earring, and why I dye my hair a crazy color occasionally like I did for the Youth Gathering this summer. And now, why I'm getting a tattoo.

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I'm sitting in my kitchen in the evening, winding down, getting ready for bed. Here, to my left, on the bottom shelf, is a device called the "Potato Express." I won it at a Christmas party a few years ago, at a Yankee gift swap with an "As Seen on TV" theme. It's still in the original packaging, gathering dust. Still, it claims to be an amazing little device, allowing you to microwave a potato perfectly in just four minutes. The outer packaging has these words of wisdom to share: "Cooks All Types of Potatoes--White, Red, Yams & More!" "Delicious, Steamy, Perfect Results!" "Washable & Reusable" To be honest, I'm afraid I'm not big on potatoes, which explains why it's still in the box. I do like sweet potatoes, though, and maybe should consider taking it out and giving it a try...

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